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Jill Pavlov Vazquez

Jill Pavlov Vazquez has always loved WORDS. Whether reading them, writing them, using them to make people laugh, singing them, or speaking them, the beauty of stringing words together to make meaningful, catchy, or hilarious statements has always enchanted her. Whether a clever pun or a heartfelt message, a powerful speech or just the right caption, Jill has the talent of crafting the perfect combination of words for copy that gets attention.

Along with a lifetime of using her creativity and imagination in many different facets (did you know she's also a professional comedian?), Jill has over 15 years of experience in marketing and promotions.  Jill is committed to bringing her clients copy that fits every aspect of their branding and really stands out among competitors. Out-of-the-box ideas are her specialty, and her extensive background in theater ensures that everything she brings to the table has a bit of flair. When you work with Jill, you can expect a hands-on experience with a super-organized and highly communicative concierge, who is always at your creative service.

"The written word is the strongest source of power in the entire universe."

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What My Clients Are Saying

"I contact Jill for all my comedic monologues because I know she will take the information I give her and make it come to life. Her clever and witty writing always keeps our crowds laughing."
Bob Higginbotham
Host of Bar Brawls and Shaken
"Want to sell a home in one day? I do! Jill was a huge catalyst in me selling a million dollar house in 1 day through her incredible writing style that left the buyers informed & intrigued."
Justin Himmelbaum
Realtor and owner of The H.O.M.E. Team at Keller Williams
"Jill is an absolute creative mastermind! She is such an integral asset to my business along with my clients. She is swift to respond, pays amazing attention to detail and is overall an incredible collaborator. I love recommending Jill to everyone in my network. I've coined the term "Jill-ified" for when something needs to be improved. Jill always delivers and is a true pleasure to work with."
Allyson Stone
Founder and Owner of Stoneshine Ventures
"Jill has the rare ability to write content that is informative, professional, interesting, and/or humorous. She understands the target audience and is able to engage with them without any input from us. We will continue to use Jill for all of our content writing projects!
Judie Schechter
Founder and President of Silverwood Studios

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