5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Biography

You might be wondering why you need a professional biography written or how it can benefit your business. First impressions matter, and your biography is your introduction to potential customers and clients - so you want to stand out and be shown in the best possible light. Here’s the reasons that you can’t afford to go without a business biography any longer:

  1. It highlights your professional accomplishments - This is your chance to summarize all the badass things you’ve done in your career, but not in a boring resume way. A biography is much different than a list because it tells a comprehensive story so that the reader can get a feel of the person along with their accomplishments. The reader should walk away feeling like they know more not just about your business, but you as an accomplished businessperson.
  2. It gives you a chance to set yourself apart - Building on your credentials, your biography is the space where you get to show off what makes you unique in your industry and the special value that you can offer. This is why it's great to have an expert copywriter write it for you -  they can see things about you that you might not be able to see, or brag about you in a way that you might be afraid to.
  3. It can easily be accessed for multi purpose use - You’d be surprised once business is booming how many times you’ll need to produce a writeup about yourself. Beyond just having your biography for your website or LinkedIn, your biography can also be used on proposals, public speaking introductions, or published documents where you are quoted.
  4. It shows your passion in what you do - This is your chance to show that what you do isn’t just your job - it’s your passion. It’s your opportunity to get potential clients or customers just as excited about what you do as you are. It’s one of the first and most crucial steps of your engagement process.
  5. It’s completely moldable - Once your biography is in your hands, it can be built upon, edited, vamped, or “Jillified” as my clients like to call it at any point in the future. As you and your business grow, it’s a document that can grow with you over time. Simply take the foundation and plug in recent additions. Or as always, you can contact your creative concierge to help Jill-ify your words.

Ready to shout it out to the world how brilliant you are in your field? Get a professional copywriter to tell your story. Your Creative Concierge is running a special for the month of June, $99 biographies (a $250 value). Get on the write path with your biography today.

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