5 Things Your LinkedIn Profile Must Have

While Facebook and Instagram are currently flooded with creators and content, there's another social media network with more room for you to make waves: LinkedIn. Did you know that only 4% of active users on LinkedIn are creating regular content? That means that there is a giant space at the table for you to grab a seat and become a thought leader in your industry. Positioning yourself as such leads to stronger branding, increased trust and credibility, and ultimately - an enormous pipeline for sales. And the first place you need to start is the first place people look: your profile.

Why does my LinkedIn bio matter?

Are you an entrepreneur looking to optimize your LinkedIn profile? Are you a small business owner seeking ways to boost your visibility and stand out from the crowd on the platform? Or maybe you’re just getting started with a side hustle, trying to figure out how to translate all of your skills into something that will grab potential customers’ attention. No matter where you are in your career journey, one thing rings true: a stellar LinkedIn profile will help you crush the competition and demonstrate why you are the only professional qualified to solve their problem. There are some fundamentals when it comes to nailing down the perfect professional profile - which is why we're here today! It's time for us to have some fun and walk through five must-haves for an effective LinkedIn profile that provides a comprehensive representation of who you are professionally - as well as shows off a bit of your personality.

1) Tell a story versus listing your credentials

Your best LinkedIn profile isn’t about bragging about your credentials and accolades. Instead, it should tell a story about how you can solve the customer's problem. After all, it's not about YOU - it's about them! So don't make your profile an ego-stroking list of accomplishments; focus on what they want and need, and how you can best meet those needs. Weave an engaging narrative that speaks to your target audience's needs, and you'll come off as the best candidate for any job or project. With a well-crafted LinkedIn profile story, you'll be the hero who saves the day!

2) Hook the reader in the first 3 lines

It's no secret that most people have short attention spans and skim through profiles quickly. That's why you need to hook them in the first 3 lines of your summary. Make sure to mention their problems and desired state straight away if you want to keep them reading. When done correctly, this will also increase your chances of getting noticed by the ideal customer base for you. So don't underestimate the power of those first few sentences - they could be the difference between success and failure! Make sure to take your time crafting a killer summary that will draw people in and compel them to learn more about you.

3) Speak in the first person

Writing in the first person on LinkedIn does wonders for your profile — it's a powerful way to be relatable and make connections. Think about it: would you rather read something written by an automated bot or something from an actual person? We all know the answer, and that's why writing in the first person is so important. And if you're feeling a bit intimidated by the idea of talking about yourself, just start with short sentences that explain what you do and why (or hire an expert copywriter!). This shows your skills while providing valuable context to potential clients or connections. The bottom line is that writing in the first person on LinkedIn is essential if you want to be heard. It allows others to get to know you better while also demonstrating your confidence and knowledge.

4) Use relevant keywords

When used optimally, keywords can be a powerful tool for boosting your visibility on LinkedIn. You can use keywords to become an expert in your field, attract potential employers and clients, and establish yourself as a thought leader. But don’t just randomly sprinkle them around; be strategic about it. Research industry terms, buzzwords related to your target audience, and specialized phrases tailored to your niche. This will help you stand out to the right people and capture their attention. And pay attention to trends! Being up-to-date on current events in your industry will make you appear informed, knowledgeable, and ahead of the game.

5) Don't be boring!

What do I always say?!? Don't be boring! The truth is, too many profiles out there are bland and generic. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make a good impression on potential employers or colleagues, then it's time to liven up your LinkedIn profile with a bit of personality and creativity. Start by figuring out what makes you unique and use that to enhance your profile. Showcasing interesting content, telling stories, or highlighting your original skills can grab also people's attention and keep them reading. And if you're stuck and need help adding that extra bit of sparkle, you can always count on Your Creative Concierge.

Now that you’ve absorbed all these tips and tricks for getting noticed on LinkedIn, you’re well-equipped to stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget to switch up how you word your summary section and cite recent successes and results. These five tips should get you off to a great start -- but don't stop there! Keep working on curating your profile each day with fresh thought leadership and content to show prospective clients that you are an industry expert worth watching. Get ready to climb the ladder of success -- because with a sharpened LinkedIn profile, success is sure to be yours! Want even more help? Drop your profile in the comments for a free 15-minute audit!

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