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Starting up a small business is no small feat. You have to juggle countless tasks and make sure you have enough resources to keep the cash flow going. But there’s one thing you should never skimp on and that’s content. Your website, blog posts, emails, social media and other content need to be top-notch if you want to stand out from the competition. And that’s why hiring a freelance copywriter on retainer is your best bet. Let’s explore why this is the case!

Consistency Is Key

One of the biggest benefits of having a copywriter on retainer is that it ensures your content will remain consistent across all platforms. This means your branding will stay consistent; your messaging will be consistent and your tone of voice will be consistent. Having this consistency in place helps create trust with potential customers who visit your website or read any of your content and come away feeling reassured about their decision to do business with you.

Save Time & Money

Hiring someone for a one-time job tends to be more expensive than having them on retainer, as you are essentially paying for their expertise every single month. This can save you money in the long run as it eliminates the need to hire a new writer every single time you need something written—which can take up precious time that could be spent elsewhere within the business. Plus, when someone has been writing for you for months, they become familiar with your brand, which makes it easier for them to write content quickly and efficiently so it can get published faster!

Ongoing Development

Speaking of getting familiar with a brand, when you hire a freelance copywriter on retainer, they get to know your business inside-out. With consistent contact over an extended period of time, they become familiar with your style of writing and the topics that interest your target audience. This means they can produce higher-quality work more quickly than if they had to start from scratch each month. Plus, since they’re immersed in your business, they can come up with creative ideas that are specific to it—which is great when it comes to developing unique content.

Having a copywriter on retainer allows businesses (especially small ones) access to quality content without breaking the bank – plus, it brings fresh perspectives into conversations which can prove invaluable down the line. So if you’re looking for ways to keep costs low while still producing stellar content for all of your marketing materials – consider bringing an expert as part of your extended team! After all, having an expert at hand when needed is always better than trying (and failing!) to figure out how best to approach everything yourself! Your Creative Concierge offers extremely competitive copywriting packages to help your business's content where it needs it the most. Not sure where to start? Our free 15-minute copy consultation can help give you an idea of where your copy and message marketing could use some support.

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